It is important to understand the pathophysiology involved in cold sores so as to find answers to “How to get rid of cold and flu”? The prime cause for cold sores is a herpes simplex virus which remains dormant most of the times in some of the nerve cells of our body until the time it is finally activated by anxiety, stress, cold or some kind of excessive exposure due to the sun. These cold sores generally last for a duration of 7 to 14 days in most of the individuals.

Cold sores have been found to be contagious in most of the circumstances and there is not really much that you can do to get rid of a cold and flu. However, you can definitely ensure to make certain efforts which can be helpful in healing the cold sores rapidly. There are definitely steps that can be taken so as to ensure that your infection does not pass on to others.

There are some of the non-prescription treatment options also available that can be helpful in the management of cold sores. These are generally useful in easing out the pain and even an oral analgesic may not help. It is important to get rid of the cold and flu because this infection can otherwise spread to the eyes which can prove to be extremely harmful to the individuals as this could lead to blindness. Some of the serious infections could also result because of cold sores. These can be seen in people who have a defective immune system and these can be also seen in case of infants.severe infections

The severe infections that may result because of cold sores can be controlled by using some of the prescription creams such as Zovirax. Are you 100% percent sure you know how to get rid of a cold sore? Cure the cold and flu by using the Vicks dayquil and check here How Long Does Dayquil Last? and how it work.

It is definitely possible to prevent the cold sores. This can be ensured by making use of a lip moisturizer or by limiting the exposure to sun and UV rays. One could also think of avoiding the cold sores by taking a limited amount of stress. A healthy diet and a proper sleep regimen can also prove to be extremely beneficial in most of the cases.

This could be particularly helpful in both supporting as well as boosting your immune system. You can also take due precautions in terms of avoiding skin contact with all those people who are suffering from cold sores by ensuring that you do not use the cups, glasses and cans that have been used by them. You can also take steps towards maintaining personal hygiene by washing your hands frequently.

Once you are afflicted with cold sores, you can surely not get rid of them but it is always possible to prevent them by taking some of the measured steps